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The 2nd International Meeting of Universia Presidents, due to take place in Guadalajara, Mexico, in 2010, is the continuation of the Meeting held in Seville in 2005 and in particular a great opportunity to reflect on the reality and the future of Spanish American Universities, their capacities, the values they harbor and cultivate, their concerns and strengths in society, without forgetting  what is happening in other relevant university spaces around the world.

The Meeting represents an intellectual and academic adventure which will bring together a broad and representative group from different latitudes, which due to its characteristics, size and quality will constitute the perfect setting for discussing and re-addressing different matters which in the midst of an unprecedented economic crisis have become indispensable. Such is the case, for example, of the theme of values spread and shared by universities.

The combined efforts in international collaboration and cooperation will doubtlessly lead to conclusions which will allow us to promote the work of Spanish and Latin American universities and will serve as a benchmark for both authorities, and for society in general.

I am proud of this initiative by Universia, and I hope that the Meeting is as fructiferous as expected and as is required.

Dr. José Narro Robles
President of the National Autonomous University of Mexico and Chairman of the International Committee for the 2nd International Meeting of Universia Presidents 2010.